"Office sweepstakes are DEAD! This is so much better. So easy, yet so frustrating!"
Danny Vale, Singapore


"Skill, Knowledge, Patience, Tactics… all great attributes but they’ll serve zero use in this Game! Use the ‘Big Guns’ first, or save them till the final rounds?  To be honest, it doesn’t make a difference. There’s only one winner and that’s the Game itself!”

Mark Bufton, Sale & Purchase Broker

Cambridge, England

" I used to play 3D chess to get my fix of games requiring tactical acumen, risk-reward and banter in equal measure. LMO has filled all of these roles and some!”

Danny Grimes, Dolphin Trainer,

Croyden, England


"This website is great… LMOing has never been so much fun… and simple!”

Richard Richardson, ICT Leader,

Birmingham, England


"Thanks to LMO Club, watching Norwich v Stoke has never been so interesting!”

Alastair Loney, Corporate Real Estate Services Executive,

Derby, England


"LMO makes football better."

Daniel Martin, Asia Economist,

Essex, England


"LMO is the easiest game I've never come close to winning!" 

Neil Smith, Project Manager

Middlesbrough, England